In the recent years the leading gerontologists of the world have expressed the idea, that the existing volume of fundamental knowledge in the mechanism of aging and means of its retardation allow us to set the practical task of creating technologies for the considerable increase in the human active life span.


Nowadays a paradoxical situation has developed in the world. There is An intense stream of subjective and objective problems, giving no opportunity to solve the given task. Great volume of fundamental theories and experimental knowledge in  the main mechanisms and causes of aging is on one bank of the stream (at present more than five billion dollars are spent annually on research in the field of gerontology all over world). On the other bank thousands of medical centers and clinics exist, offering practical anti-aging medical services on a commercial basis, but none of them can produce reasonable proofs of the offered means effectiveness from the point of increasing the clients lifespan.


The practical store for creating a bridge between these banks has been worked out in the National Gerontology Center (NGC). This bridge is built on the principals and means for solving the problem of developing a System Technology for Radical Increase of Active Human Lifespan (STRIAHL).


The given technology is principally a systemic one, offering simultaneous influence on all main mechanisms of aging. It wont be possible to achieve considerable radical effect, expressed in decades of increasing lifespan by a different way. There are considerable theoretical and practical arguments, showing uselessness of a search for the unique magic-drug, or for some single technology of influence on aging.


The major privilege of this technology is that it gives no prior advantage to any method of preventing aging, but is absorbing in a natural way all the best that has been created by the humanity in this field. This is an open technology.


In order to realize STRIAHL in practice NGC has created

The Foundation for Radical Increase of Active Human Lifespan.


For cooperation the Foundation is inviting the sponsors, investors and all those who are  interested in receiving all the  real, practical and seriously scientifically proved, reliable results in the field of preventing aging, as well as bioactivation, rejuvenation and the extension of healthy creative and happy life of a human.


The managing director of the Foundation is Prof. Viatcheslav N. Krutko.

Organizational and financial operation of the Foundation is performed by the NGC subsidiary organization  - Aging Control Ltd.

Address: Aging Control Ltd. 9, Prosp. 60-letiya Oktyabria, 117312, Moscow, Russia.

            Tel: work +7(499)135-7901; mobile  +7(903)184-3444.

            E-mail: krutkovn@mail.ru