LOGONational Gerontology Center

ATTENTION! Due to the transition to the stage of practical implementation of NGC developments, the legal status of NGC has been changed from a non-profit partnership to a public organization without the formation of a legal entity. NGC developments: algorithms and prototypes of decision support systems (DSS), patents   and Know-How, were transferred to GeroPro AI LLC for their commercialization (www.GeroPro.ai).




To elaborate and support new technologies prolonging

active human life



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Longevity problems:


Radical prolongation of life


Prophylaxis of aging as systems technology




Key words: diagnostics of aging, prophylaxis of aging, prophylaxis of socially dangerous diseases (cardiovascular, oncologic, diabets), prophylaxis of premature aging, retardation of aging,

radical prolongation of life, biomarkers of aging, structure of ageing, biological age, real age, bioage, partial bioage, rejuvenation, bioregulation, bioactivation, assessment of working capacity,

assessment of functional reserves, computer systems, geroprotectors, nutrition, optimization of diets, gerontology center, health center, health consulting room, revitalization, antiaging medicine, longevity.




The NGC address: National Gerontology Center 9, Prospect 60-Letiya Octyabrya, 117312, Moscow, Russia

Tel.:+7(499)135-7901. http://www.ngcrussia.org E-mail: krutkovn@mail.ru; dontsovvi@mail.ru