The triumph and the crisis of the public health institute in the 20th century


As convincingly showed in the article “Good Health Is Self-Sufficiency” by Anisimov V. and Krut’ko V. in the 20th century the public health institute triumph manifested itself in a nearly double increase of human lifespan, which to a great extent was caused by the mankind success in finding of effective means for the counteraction to pathogenic microorganisms. But in the second half of the century Public Health crisis started on our planet and slowed the positive tendency in a human mortality and lifespan dynamics. The cause of the crisis displayed mostly in the developed countries, was that by then mankind succeeded in creating rather comfortable living conditions and could protect rather well from harmful  environmental influences (in general sense), this in turn led to that humanity achieved biologically determined upper level of a human lifespan. Studies made by some foreign and Russian researchers, including the National Gerontology Center (NGC) experts, had shown that the average human lifespan is equal to 85 years for women and 80 years for men.


Prophylaxis of aging as means for radical extension of active life period


Sanitary-hygienic means and traditional prophylaxis and treatment technologies, which triumphally increased the human lifespan in the first part of the 20th century, have mostly exhausted their abilities to extend human life. So the need of principally new medical technologies has appeared. This gave rise to a new generation of medical technologies for aging prophylaxis, which was focused mainly on the processes of natural “normal” deterioration and aging of the organism structures and functions. [Krut’ko 2006]. Only these technologies are opening great possibilities to overcome the existing average human lifespan and make the next loop in doubling of the full-value active life period. There are serious reasons to consider, that advancing development of these technologies will lead to solution of the aging problem already in the first half of the current century.


Aging prophylaxis as a systems technology


The modern approach to aging prophylaxis is based on the following two principal laws of the gerontology:

  1. “All and everything inside everyone are aging at a different speed”
  2. “Aging is a system  process”.


 So the practical technology for the prophylaxis of aging should be based on “The Systems Theory of Aging”. Such theory has been developed during the studies of the National Gerontology Center.

            The Main results of NGC and conclusions are in this direction:

·        Aging is a “chaos increase” at all structural levels of an organism, which leads to general reduction of vital capacity and increase of death probability;


·        The general cause of aging is a consequence of the fundamental nature law (the second law of thermodynamics) of entropy (chaos), which  increases in a discrete not fully open systems, and to which the class of the living organisms belongs.


·        The following four main types of aging processes can be defined:

-          “Contamination” of organism systems;

-         Accumulation of pathogenic diversity of organism structures (due to a deficiency of forces for internal selection of the “necessary” structures within the given system);

-         Degradation of any non-renewed structures of organism;

-         Deterioration of control and coordination of vital activity processes.


·        In accordance with mechanisms of these types of aging both general and special measures for retardation of aging can be offered.


Hierarchical system for retardation of aging can be presented in the following way:




Types of Effects                                Target                                              Effects


ETIOLOGICAL                               GLOBAL              Openness increase and

                           (to the cause)          CAUSE                 evolution ensuring for human

                                                                                       organism and its systems     


PATHOGENETIC                           PRIMARY            - “Flowage” increase

                            (to the primary  MECANISMS           (pollution control)

                             mechanisms)      OF AGING             - Global self-regeneration               

                                                      (described as             for all levels and structures)

                                                       global types           - Stimulation of selection

                                                           of aging)               mechanism (cull out all


                                                                                      - Correction of regulation systems

                                                                                   (continuation of development

                                                                                   programs, imbalance correction,

                                                                                    stimulation of cell self-regeneration)


SYNDROMAL                                  MAIN                  Anti-dystrophic effects

                            (a complex of     SYNDROMS             Anti-stress effects

                              interconnected   OF AGING               Immune stimulation

                              manifestations)                                    Adaptation effects

                                                                                        Metabolic correction

                                                                                       Training of organs and systems

                                                                                       Correction of regulation systems

                                                                                       Complex syndrome therapy


SYMPTOMATIC                        SEPARATE                Enterosorbents, Immunofarmacology,

                               (to final       MANIFISTATIONS     Hormonotherapy, Adaptogens,

                          manifestations      OF AGING             Vitamins, Transplantation of organs 

of aging)                                               and tissues,

Prosthesis, Substituting fermentation      therapy


The structure and functions of the general practical technology for aging prophylaxis and prolongation of the human active life period are built in compliance with the NGC’s Systems Theory of Aging.


It is convenient to single out the following 4 stages or program courses of geroprophylaxis:

1st stage: purification, sanitation and function harmonization,

2nd stage: biostimulation (bioactivation),

3rd stage: special effects on biological age,

4th stage: supporting influences.


On the basis of aging diagnostics results the contents for each stage is selected individually in accordance with a general status of patient health, type and the traits of aging.