A Contact Information


Our Address:

the National Gerontology Center

9, Prospect 60-letiya Octyabrya,

117312, Moscow, Russia

Tel.:+7(499)135-7901. Fax: +7(499)783-91-32.

http://www.ngcrussia.org E-mail: krutkovn@mail.ru; dontsovvi@mail.ru



How to reach us in Moscow?

The NGCs office is located near the Metro station Leninskiy prospect. If you go from the Moscow Centre, get into the carriage next the engine - an appropriate exit of the station Leninskiy prospect will be nearby. Outside the Metro you should go to the right for about 100 meters up to the Vavilova Street, then pass it and go to the right for about 7 minutes till you reach the crossroads of the Vavilova Street and the Prospect of 60-letiya Octyabrya. Turn right. In two minutes you will be at the place.



You can reach us going from the other Metro station Akademicheskaya. In this case get into the last carriage and go to the left in the pedestrian subway outside the Metro. Then you will find yourself straight on the
Prospect 60-let Octyabrya and go along it for about 15 minutes.