National Gerontology Center  

About the NGC: What is the NGC?


The National Gerontology Center (NGC) was established in 1996 as a not commercial not government partnership to elaborate innovation technologies prolonging active human life and to advance new branches of medical science - "Prevention of Ageing " and "Anti-ageing Medicine".


The NGC includes leading researchers and teachers of the higher school in the sphere of anti-ageing.  For more details see Administrative Board and Scientific Advisory Board.


The NGC combines efforts of the pre-eminent scientists, experts and practitioners from the Russian Federation and foreign countries to solve fundamental problems of ageing and related chronic diseases, prophylaxes of socially dangerous diseases, among which are cardiovascular, oncologic diseases and diabetes, to apply this knowledge to the public health technologies, to increase the duration of active full-value human life and to inform people about the anti-aging developments. These activities are carried out by means of realization of joint Projects, which are evaluated at the beginning by the Scientific Advisory Board.


The NGC Founders are the leading scientific and medical organizations of Russia:


v     State scientific center of the Russian Federation Institute for Bio-Medical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences


v     Institute for Systems Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences


v     I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University


v     Moscow State Medical Stomatological University


v     Research Center of Gerontology, Russian Ministry of Health


Founders provide NGC with the resources (space, staff, material means and know-how) for carrying out mutual interest researches in accordance with the NGCs programs. 


The NGC is opened for all experts who are interested in development of the science and technologies of anti-ageing medicine and invites them to collaboration.


The NGC contacts: 

Adress: National Gerontology Center, 9, prospect 60-letiya Octyabrya, 117312, Moscow, Russia

Tel.:+7(499)135-7901. Fax+7(499)783-91-32

http://www.ngcrussia.org  E-mail: krutkovn@mail.ru; dontsovvi@mail.ru